Rebuilding Detroit Without Duggan & Gilbert

Detroit did not make the first cut for the second headquarters of Amazon. Amazon said it was because of a lack of talent among other things such as adequate mass transit. Dan Gilbert, the head of Quicken Loans and downtown’s largest property owner was quoted in the Detroit Free Press  as saying: Gilbert blamed what he called “the elephant in the room” — Detroit’s past reputation as America’s poster child for Rust Belt decline.

“We are still dealing with the unique radioactive-like reputational fallout of 50-60 years of economic decline, disinvestment, municipal bankruptcy and all of the other associated negative consequences of that extraordinarily long period of time,” Gilbert wrote in a letter to Detroit’s Amazon bid committee members. Gilbert made his letter public Wednesday.

“This lingering, negative perception has unfortunately survived our impressive progress over the last several years,” he wrote in his letter. “It is clear that we don’t do ourselves any favors by feeding the pessimistic narrative about Detroit and our region, when this view is not anywhere near the balanced, full story. I believe this is the single largest obstacle that we face.

Here is the reality, the real Detroit, not the one that exists in Downtown, Midtown. NewCenter and Corktown is basically a third world country.With the exception of our privatized trash collection we have very few city services. We have low educational attainment and a very unskilled workforce. Amazon saw this and our elected leaders and Mr. Gilbert who was called the Mayor by refuse to believe the reality. They try to craft an alternate reality by controlling the news that is reported.

Our Mayor doesn’t have to pump his own gas, if he ever purchased t gas from the Citgo at Pennsylvania and Jefferson , which is close to the Mayors Mansion at 10PM any evening he would know the truth.  If Mr. Gilbert lived within Detroit he too would know the truth.  With our leaders, elected and anointed, in denial we must rebuild the city without them. How do we do this? Well, it starts with us making sure our property is maintained. Even though Detroit is 53% rental housing, a well maintained yard causes neighbors to try to keep up.  In no time at all the whole block will look awesome. Next, we must attend school board meetings and set an example for the youth in our neighborhood. Beyond that we must demand public safety and public services that equal or surpass our  neighboring cities. If our elected officials refuse we must vote them out of office.

Mayor Duggan  and Mayor Gilbert cannot turn this city around. only we can.

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