Balance must be achieved in order for Detroit to thrive.

Lets be truthful Detroit is out of balance. Much has been made of the growth of Downtown, Midtown and Corktown while growth in Detroit’s neighborhoods remains stagnant and in some cases has become worse. Mayor Duggan and the DEGC have begun positive initiatives such as Motor City Match to try to rebuild the neighborhoods but those programs alone will not help achieve balance. African American Detroiters  must be allowed to participate in the rebirth of Detroit.

As was done in Atlanta in the 80’s any deal that has any municipal involvement must have no less than 30% Detroit African American participation. This should come in many forms from capital investment to employment.  If job retraining is required to achieve this goal then so be it.  Failure to do so now will result in a greater economic divide than we have at present.

If we do not get the people in the neighborhoods working great programs like Motor City Match and others will fail because people will not be able to buy goods and services from the new companies that locate in the neighborhoods.

Detroit must achieve balance before its too late.


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