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Tune into WKBD TV 50 Sundays at 8:30 AM . to catch the original broadcast of Detroit Wants 2 Know, a local television show that focuses on Detroit, Michigan. Hosted by experienced political consultant Steve Hood. Detroit Wants 2 Know features intelligent conversation regarding the issues surrounding Detroit and its suburbs.

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Balance must be achieved in order for Detroit to thrive.

Lets be truthful Detroit is out of balance. Much has been made of the growth of Downtown, Midtown and Corktown while growth in Detroit’s neighborhoods remains stagnant and in some cases has become worse. Mayor Duggan and the DEGC have begun positive initiatives such as Motor City Match to try to rebuild the neighborhoods but […]

The Promise Of the New Detroit Lies At The Riverwalk

Let’s face it Detroit is a segregated community. The neighborhoods are occupied by a majority of African Americans or Hispanics and Downtown, Corktown and Midtown are occupied by a majority White population. This is not news. While millions of dollars are poured into the White populated areas of Detroit few dollars except for those used […]

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